Wormy the Worm


Wormy is common variety worm about five feet wide and maybe thirty feet long. He eats dirt and poops out a kind of quick drying mud leaving large tunnels in his wake. He is quite quick for his size and immensely strong but also very skittish and quick to hide in the ground. He does not talk because his mouth is not built for it but he does understand others. Mr. Potato-Head has taught Wormy how to eat people and Wormy will do it if commanded but in any sort of actual combat Wormy just retreats in the ground and hides no matter what Mr. Potato-head yells at him.


Mr. Potato-Head controls wormy through a special whistle he blows. It’s not magical the worm just find the noise very unpleasant and his been conditioned to follow the evil toy’s instructions.

Wormy the Worm

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